Finding a Plot

There are a few steps you can take to get one:

First: Look at the list of allotments on the Allotment Sites page.

Then: Write to the Allotment Committee's secretary via the site's contact e-mail address and ask for your name to be added to their waiting list.

Private allotments, there are a number of these sites in Glasgow.  How do get in touch with them? Some have a website, or an email listed somewhere, they might even be up to date!  One suggestion is to go to the gate and see if you can speak to someone, and ask who deals with new applications.  

Use our Glasgow Allotments Map on the Allotment Sites page. This shows you where the sites are, there might even be one near by that you did not know was there.  On the waiting list? Keep in touch with the person who administers the waiting list.  Ensure you tell them of any changes to your details, it's surprising how many people move, change email or telephone number whilst on the waiting list.  Also please let them know if you no longer want to be on the waiting list. 

Contact your councillor. Many councillors are not aware of the demand for allotment plots in Glasgow.  If enough people contact them then they will start to ask questions.  Such as how many plots are in Glasgow, are there enough to go around? 

Contact your MP. There are often headlines about people waiting years for an allotment, what are your elected representatives doing about it? 

Get involved in a community project. There are a quite a few community growing projects in Glasgow, many of them can be found on the map at Glasgow Local Food Network. There are a number of reasons to get involved. Gain valuable practical experience that could be used later on your own allotment.  The principal behind these projects is to get people growing and eating what they grow.  Also you have the opportunity to meet like minded people.