Welcome to the Glasgow Allotments Forum Website

Glasgow Allotments Forum is an independent voluntary organisation that was set up to support plotholders in Glasgow.

Our website lets you know what’s going on, how you can join in, and where and how you can contact local sites.  

You’ll also find information and useful links for new plotholders and for those those of you who are serving on allotment committees.

Allotment Sites

There are 32 allotment sites across Glasgow, have a look at where they are, and find out how to apply for one.

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GAF Events

  • Awards
  • Allotment produce
  • Cookery demonstration
  • Workshops
  • Displays and information
  • Discussions
  • And of course, tea and coffee and good home-baking!

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New Plotholders

More information on how to find an allotment plot in Glasgow

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