About SASA

The Sustainability Allotment Site Awards (SASA; originally known as Glasgow’s Green Sustainable Allotment Awards) were first delivered in 2013 as a joint project organised by Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Allotment Forum.


The idea was to promote the sustainable nature of allotment sites across Glasgow. This award was conceived to replace the Sustainable Site Trophy which Glasgow Allotment Forum had been awarding to the allotment community since 2010. This trophy was commissioned from an eminent Scottish ceramicist (Lotte Glob) to celebrate the contribution that allotment sites in Glasgow make to the Sustainable City. It has now been placed in the Kibble Palace in recognition of the part allotments play in the heritage, culture and sustainability of our city.


The vision of SASA is to demonstrate the ways in which allotment sites remain a sustainable form of community food growing while preserving their unique character. Sustainability is achieved by 'using resources in such a way that none are depleted for future use.’ For Glasgow’s allotments our soil, water, environment, materials, plot-holders and the wider community are all valuable resources. SASA will celebrate the practices that sustain these resources and share best practice across our whole allotment community.


SASA aims to achieve its vision by:

  • promoting the wonderful diversity of allotment sites and how they contribute to the ongoing sustainability the natural environment

  • encouraging allotment sites to adopt better sustainable practices that nurture and preserve resource

  • inspiring allotment sites to forge connections with other sites in an endeavour to create a sustainable network of support to share best practice

SASA Application Pack

How to Apply

Please give the name of the Allotment Association plus a contact name, telephone number or mobile number and e-mail address for the person submitting the Application on the last page of the form.

The date for submission of Applications is: 16 July 2016   

Applications by e-mail should be sent to:   GAF Admin  -  admin@glasgowallotmentsforum.org.uk   

Applications by mail should be sent to:   Alister Smith, 59 Rockall Drive, Glasgow, G44 5ES   

You will be sent an acknowledgement of your Application. If you do not receive this, please e-mail to GAF Admin at e-mail above.