About Us

Glasgow Allotments Forum is an independent voluntary organisation that was set up to support plotholders in Glasgow.

The Forum’s aims are: 

1. To share knowledge and information about topics of interest to Glasgow allotment holders.

2. To support Glasgow allotment associations and their committee members in managing their associations effectively and developing their sites for the good of all their members and the environment.   

3. To promote the benefits and contribution that allotments can make to local communities within the city of Glasgow. We hold meetings in central Glasgow   every two months to which all plotholders are invited.  These meetings combine a discussion on a topic of interest to our members with a business meeting which you can also attend. They are listed in our calendar where events organised by local associations are also advertised. 

The Forum also organises events, presents awards, bids for, and runs City-wide initiatives. Local allotment associations also advertise their own events in our calendar.